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Ty Danco - Director of Techstars, Boston

A little background about Mr. Ty Danco.

Ty started off as an athlete and retired from this at an early age of 29. After that, he headed to Wall Street, where he eventually became a money manager. He started his first company at the age of 45. Since then he has been an entrepreneur or an angel investor. Currently, he is the Director of Techstars, Boston.

What does a day in your life look like?

For 9 months a year, I’m meeting with startups and other early stage investors in and around the Northeast, from NYC to Montreal, but centering in Boston. The other 3 months, crazy & intense, are at Techstars, where I work with 12-14 companies. It is equivalent to an elite boot camp.

What do you love most about your profession?

I get to continue the process of learning and staying on the leading edge of tech.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter in your daily life?

As little as possible! Whatever document processing we do has to be digitized to let us keep track. And I use whatever tools I can, to make sure actual paperwork doesn’t bury me.

How did you discover SignEasy?

I read a blog post by Fred Wilson where he talked about how he was able to sign and send documents on a venture investment using SignEasy. New investment documentation has always been a real pain for me, and most people were requesting “real” signatures. SignEasy keeps me organized, and I’ve been using it for years now.

Where did you find utility for SignEasy in your daily flow of work?

I use it whenever possible for all legal documents.

How has SignEasy impacted or improved things at work or outside work?

Besides saving time and being convenient (I can use it on my phone, which is always with me), an unexpected bonus is how it helps to keep things organized. Last year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, which gladly is now in remission. But as I was looking to face facts and get my estate in order, I realized that my investment records were scattered everywhere. Happily, SignEasy kept every sealed deal in the archive and instead of spending weeks on trying to track down paperwork, I was able to organize and hand over hundreds of documents, saving me not just a lot of time but much anxiety. I am thoroughly grateful I used this tool, and I recommend it to everyone.

How do you think individuals and businesses are benefitting from SignEasy?

SignEasy enables eSigning from any device anywhere and organizes signed documents which is not just convenient but also saves a lot of time for individuals and businesses alike.