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Trevor Doerksen - Founder & CEO, Mobovivo

A brief bio about Trevor

Trevor Doerksen, film and TV producer and founder of Mobovivo, is an innovator. Named amongst the Top 10 TV Disruptors at MIPTV, an annual conference in Cannes for TV professionals, his venture Mobovivo is helping chart the future of the television by extending programming across media and keeping audiences hooked.

What do you do for a living?

Founder & CEO Mobovivo media and entertainment software services

What’s your daily routine like?

5 screens going all the time

What devices do you use at work and which apps do you use the most?

I use an iPad and iPhone. Skype, email, travel apps and SignEasy are the apps I use regularly.

How does SignEasy fit into your life?

The other day, I saw a guy signing contracts that he would ask the hotel front desk to print off. I don't do that anymore thanks to SignEasy. I sign as I walk out of the front door of the hotel for a jog.

How has using SignEasy benefited you?

Simplified! It has simplified my work and life.

If you could describe SignEasy in one word, what would that be?


Thank you Trevor for sharing your SignEasy experience in our Customer Spotlight series.