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Sarah Glendenning - Sign Language Interpreter, SG Interpreting Ltd

A little background about Ms. Sarah Glendenning.

Sarah Glendenning is a fully qualified, registered Sign Language Interpreter, based in the United Kingdom. She works in different domains ranging from community interpreting (GP appointments, hospitals, dentists etc.) to legal work (court, police, solicitors). She also works in media and mental health settings.

What does a day in Sarah Glendenning's life look like?

A day in my life as a self-employed sign language interpreter can be hectic as I travel all over the UK with my work.  It involves meeting lots of people and lots of face to face time.

What do you love the most about your profession?

I love the variety of my work.  One day I can be working in court and then the next I could be working on an outward bound residential course.  No two days are the same.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter in your daily life?

The paperwork I use SignEasy for usually is timesheets, to corroborate that I’ve arrived at an assignment and signing terms and conditions.

When did you decide it was time to look for an alternative to printing, scanning and faxing?

Some companies I work through insist I have timesheet signed, if these aren’t signed then I don’t get paid.  I was terrible at remembering to print off, get the sheets signed and then the hassle of coming home and then scanning and emailing. It was definitely cumbersome on the whole.  That is when I decided to give SignEasy a shot.

How did you discover SignEasy?

I stumbled upon SignEasy while I was browsing through the Play Store.

What sort of documents do you sign with SignEasy?

Given my domain of work, timesheets, terms and conditions, references are mainly what I use SignEasy for.

What is a typical workflow in which you use SignEasy?

I would receive terms and conditions via email. Earlier, I would have to open the attachment, download it to my computer, print them out, sign them, scan them in and then email back the attachment. This has changed completely, ever since I discovered SignEasy, my location has become irrelevant.  I can reply to emails as soon as I receive them which means less paperwork for me when I get home.  Now I just open the attachment with SignEasy, sign the necessary parts, hit send and the job is done. Timesheets are also an integral part of my work for the NHS. Since the time I started using SignEasy, I usually download the form for timesheets before I leave for the job, fill in all the bits I can i.e. time of arrival and my details and signature and then at the end of the job it is no hassle to ask the busy staff to give me an electronic signature.  Once I leave the department, I hit send and email my timesheet straight away which means prompt payment.

Describe 3 benefits SignEasy has brought to your life.

Less paper to carry around, ease, and of course the amazement on people’s face when you ask them to sign their name on your phone.

How do you see SignEasy helping other people around you?

I’ve already recommended SignEasy to a couple of my colleagues; I know one of them has already started using SignEasy.

Kindly share a 2 liner testimonial about why you love SignEasy.

SignEasy has helped me so much; no longer do I have screwed up pieces of paper in my bag that need signing.  SignEasy means I can send my timesheets off as soon as I’ve finished my job.

Thank you Sarah, for sharing your SignEasy experience in our Customer Spotlight series.