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Natalya Bah, CEO at Natalya H. Bah Consulting

A little background about Natalya.

Natalya, CEO of Natalya H.Bah Consulting, provides coaching, training and consulting services to clients. All the services offered incorporate some aspect of project management including the Define and Achieve Your Goals Process™ that she utilizes for individual and team development. Her clientele includes individuals looking to advance their current career, change to a different career path or increase their sales performance as well as organizations looking to expand their employees' skills, strengthen team communication and effectiveness or establish project management processes. She is both a certified Project Management Professional and a certified Birkman Method® consultant. Her experience includes public and private sector consulting as an employee and working for herself, time working for a television documentary company and teaching at an internet cafe in London years ago.

What does a day in your life look like?

Everyday is different and I love that variety. Client focused days may include delivering in person training, conducting strategy sessions or coaching clients in person or via Skype. Other days I am busy with business development efforts, creating online classes or writing for one of the three books and one workbook that I currently have in progress.

What do you love most about your profession?

I love to help people. It's always a thrill to play a part in seeing people and organizations define what they really want, create a path to achieve it and then to get to celebrate their success with them. The project management skills or team strengthening sessions we give them make their projects or performance more successful. I think these are things I love most about my profession.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter in your daily life?

I use SignEasy to sign contracts and agreement between myself and my clients. For my coaching assignments, I also create a separate agreement laying out the responsibilities and expectations of the coach and the person receiving the coaching. Processing these documents is much faster with SignEasy.

How did you discover SignEasy?

I probably just searched in the App Store. I'm so grateful that I did find it because I've used it numerous times each month over the last few years.

Where did you find utility for SignEasy in your daily flow of work?

It's a part of my process for how I initiate a relationship with a client or start a new project with an existing client. I can't imagine what I'd do without SignEasy as it has become such an integral part of my business life.

How has SignEasy impacted or improved things at work or outside work?

It's all about speed and convenience. If I receive a contract, I can quickly sign it and return it whether in front of my laptop or not. For instance, when I volunteered for a mentoring program through my alma mater George Washington University I was able to use SignEasy to quickly sign the mentoring agreement.

How do you think individuals and businesses are benefitting from SignEasy?

It's easy to use and always available. SignEasy has never once failed me. It makes the process of signing agreements so fast and efficient, no matter where I am.