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Matthew MacDonald - COO of JMA Group

A little background about Mr. Matthew MacDonald.

Matthew is a Partner and COO of JMA Group, a public accounting and financial services firm just outside Toronto, Canada.  He also plays a leadership role in several companies that their family holding company invests in. As a dynamic and results-driven leader, Matthew has built his career around the principle that relationships matter. His relentless commitment to excellence, efficiency and ethics have consistently remained at the forefront of professional and personal life. In addition to his role at JMA Group, Matthew serves on the Board of several privately held companies and not-for- profits, including Make-a-Wish Canada.

What does a day in your life look like?

The only thing consistent about my days is the unpredictability.  I love the variety of challenges and the opportunities that every day brings along with it. And with a tool like SignEasy, I feel nothing can limit my ability to be more efficient.

What do you love the most about your profession?

Solving problems. It could be within our firm or the clients that we work with, there are always issues and problems to overcome. Be it human resources, client service or operational problem, the ability to identify issues and adapt to it is critical to success in our business. And this is what I love the most.

What sort of paperwork do you encounter in your daily life?

Being in the accounting and financial services industry, we regularly work on client documents, agreements and legal forms. And with SignEasy, faster turnaround of such documents and timely response to client needs has become a reality, despite being out of the office or on a client site.

How did you discover SignEasy?

We were looking for a mobile solution for signing documents as our leadership team is often off-site. We tried the free version of SignEasy and were hooked right away!

Where do you find utility for SignEasy in your daily flow of work?

As I am out of the office very often, SignEasy allows me to stay in touch with any important document that needs review and signature while on the go, without having to return to my desk.

How has SignEasy impacted or improved things at work or outside work?

If I am off-site or away with my family, SignEasy has allowed me to execute important documents regardless of how close or far I am from a computer.

How do you think individuals and businesses are benefitting from SignEasy?

The ability to use a mobile device on the go has never been so important.  SignEasy has taken a simple task and put it in your pocket.