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Johnny Jet - Travel blogger & Editor

A brief bio about Johnny

Having travelled to over 70 countries, Johnny Jet is Editor-in-Chief of and travel blogger extraordinaire. He has appeared in numerous publications, including TIME, Fortune, and The New York Times and made television appearances on a host of television channels including CNN, PBS and NBC. His website is a rich resource of travellers with tools, deals, tips and resources besides being an account of his travels.

What do you do for a living?

I am a travel blogger and Editor-in-Chief of

What’s your daily routine like?

I travel 85% of the year to roughly 20 countries.

What devices do you use at work and which apps do you use the most?

I use an Android phone and a laptop. The apps I use regularly are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Uber and those of all the airlines.

How does SignEasy fit into your life?

Since I travel so often it has made my life so much easier to be able to sign documents while on the go.

How has using SignEasy benefited you?

With SignEasy, I no longer have to run to a kiosk or a hotel business center to sign documents.

If you could describe SignEasy in one word, what would that be?


Thank you Johnny for sharing your SignEasy experience in our Customer Spotlight series.