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The Company

Vatfree is a service organization assisting more than 16,000 travelers annually who want to shop tax-free in the Netherlands. Taking as an inspiration the almost 400 million euros of VAT left unclaimed every year, due mainly to a tedious and complicated refund process, Joni Smeenk founded Vatfree to encourage 'conscious consumerism': "I wanted to show travelers that they are the ones who decide over their money, and they are the ones that can make a choice to reclaim and reinvest the cash in themselves, their family or in a good cause."

The Challenge

When travelers arrive at their Schiphol Airport location, they often expect a long and tedious process due to previous experiences.

Today, SignEasy plays an important role in simplifying the cumbersome process of tax refunds with a simple and transparent digital workflow, bringing efficiency to Vatfree's workflow and setting it apart from its competitors while constructing a positive, hi-tech image to their customers.

How is SignEasy used?

Today, getting a tax refund with Vatfree is easy, hassle-free and worth doing, travelers are greeted with a simple digital process powered by SignEasy on a mini iPad. After submitting their receipts, they are asked to fill out and sign a consent form with their personal details authorizing Vatfree to collect the taxes on their behalf and have the money transferred to their bank account.

Watch Henk Smeenk talk about why VatFree chose SignEasy.



Vatfree has accelerated the tax refund process by cutting down 3 to 5 minutes of the time spent with each customer, meaning that with every 12 customers, they gain one hour in the day.

Customer satisfaction

Time is of the essence, especially at the airport since travelers tend to be in a hurry. With their digital paperwork process, Vatfree leverages technology to impress their customers with a fast and hassle-free workflow.


Vatfree is constantly on the lookout for ways in which technology can simplify their workflow.

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