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The Company

Peacebridge Performance is a consultancy based in Canada that specializes in helping organizations push forward on initiatives that accelerate organizational effectiveness. Their main offerings are in the areas of change management and change leadership, training development, delivery and technical writing applied to engage and align people with organizational business goals. They ensure their clients receive a return on their investment in tech, process streamlining, and organizational improvements by managing the people aspects of change.


Since Peacebridge Performance's projects involve leadership and change management programs with multiple organizations and subcontracted resources, a quick turnaround with contracts is essential. In a competitive arena where speed is critical, Director Jeff Skipper looks to alleviate nervousness by quickly preparing and serving contracts to their sub-contractors.


Peacebridge Performance switched over from paperwork to eSignatures and now only use SignEasy to sign contracts on the fly now. They also use it to complete different types of forms critical to cash flow, facilitating near instant completion of deals avoiding paper copies entirely.


Enhances Customer Perception

Using SignEasy, Peacebridge Performance impresses their clients with their efficiency because contracts are signed in minutes and also because they use the latest technology.

Improves Speed

SignEasy is used to complete many different types of forms, which ensure there are no delays to cash flow. Speed is critical to capture business.

Environmentally friendly

Using SignEasy reduces the use of paper which the organization doesn't have the space for anyway. It keeps the business neat and tidy!


Peacebridge Performance is able to turn around contracts in a shorter time frame, increasing security, solidifying relationships, and improving cash flow.

"I can impress clients with the use of current tech, and reduce the use of paper."

- Jeff Skipper
Director, Peacebridge Performance Inc.

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