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The Company

Dalhart Independent School District, based in Dalhart, Texas (USA), provides education from elementary to high school grades across five campuses in Dalhart City and unincorporated portions of Dallam and Hartley County.

Dalhart ISD started using SignEasy to expedite their hiring processes. Kathy Winchell, HR Director of Dalhart ISD, successfully reduced a 4 week process to enroll teachers for the next school year to a 10 hour task.

The Challenge

The hiring process at Dalhart was long, it involved many touchpoints difficult to keep a track on. Hence, contracts and letters of assurance (LRA'S)* were prepared months in advance to be sent out to teachers through post mail and it took the HR department at least 4 weeks to receive the signed contracts to continue with the administrative process.

* A letter of reasonable assurance (LRA) states that the substitute employee is assured of employment in the coming school year.

How is SignEasy used?

Contracts and LRAs are prepared and uploaded to Dropbox. The HR Director then heads to the 5 DISD campuses to meet in person with the employees to be enrolled for the next school year. Kathy travels light, she only needs her iPad to access the documents and import them into SignEasy to be signed on the spot. She usually spends 1 to 2 hours at each location, which essentially means that a process which used to take months from preparation to actual filing of contracts has been reduced to a 10 hour task.



Finalizing an employment contract is so much quicker since employees are signing on the spot, there is no need to send, wait, and follow up anymore.

Saves time

Previously, we had to wait for weeks for the contracts and letters of assurance to be returned before we could file them. The whole process has been reduced and simplified now to a task that takes less than 10 hours.

Digital workflow

The documents take a few minutes to sign and thanks to SignEasy's cloud integration, they are immediately saved back to the cloud, where they can easily be retrieved by anyone in the department.

"SignEasy is fast, efficient and saves us a lot of hassle."

- Kathy Winchell
HR Director, Dalhart ISD

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