How to sign documents in WhatsApp

If I had to place a safe bet, I’ll place it on the fact that the  phrase “Last seen at” would not come across to you as just another English language phrase.

I got that correct, didn’t I ? As of today, nearly every seventh person on the earth is using WhatsApp for communicating with individuals and groups. WhatsApp has almost come about as a natural fit in our scheme of conversations – ranging from sharing emoji stories to internal team communication for businesses.

Now with entrepreneurs, small business professionals and individual professionals starting to use WhatsApp increasingly for business communication, the next question was “How do I share documents in WhatsApp?”. The question was answered by the folks at Whatsapp last month when they introduced document sharing functionality in the application.

While this news is great, here’s something better! The SignEasy users on iOS can sign documents that they receive on Whatsapp using SignEasy, without actually having to leave the application. (In case you’re wondering how, remember our iOS 8 extension ? )

  • Open: Open the document received on WhatsApp, tap on the ‘Open in’ icon on the top right-hand side and select  the Sign with SignEasy option.
  • Sign: Next, tap the signature icon, draw your signature and place it on the document. You can also add your name, date, and other fields. Tap Done to finalize. A copy of the document is also saved in your SignEasy account.
  • Send: In the screen that follows, choose ‘Open in’ and select WhatsApp. Voila! The signed document will be shared with the contact in the same ongoing conversation.

Messages you send on WhatsApp are now secured with end-to-end encryption. So, don’t worry about sending signed documents on WhatsApp.

That was simple, wasn’t it? It’s about time now that you go ahead and start signing your documents with SignEasy.

Struggling with paperwork hassles at work? Adopt electronic signatures and boost your business by signing up for our free trial today!


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