Easy business workflows with Signeasy for Google Workspace

The pandemic sparked a widespread digital transformation in business operations, enhancing customer and employee experiences. Full-suite business solutions like Google Workspace have almost become synonymous with remote working, providing multiple add-ons available for any need teams might have. 

Google Workspace is a preferred collaboration platform today for many businesses across the globe. One of the main reasons for this is because Google Workspace integrates key business software. Software integrations mean the ability to work with access to the collaboration features — with less context switching and saving time. 

This year, Signeasy is proud to be part of the Recommended for Google Workspace apps, a select list of market-leading third-party applications that help Workspace customers collaborate and get more done. Each recommended app has undergone rigorous security and reliability testing to ensure it is ready to deploy in any organization, big or small. 

With Signeasy’s all-in-one Google Workspace integration, sending, signing, and managing documents becomes easy and intuitive. The best part is that you can do all this within Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Google Drive — with a unified add-on for Google Workspace. 

How to install Signeasy for Google Workspace

It’s extremely easy to download, install, and use the Signeasy add-on for Google Workspace.
Simply navigate to our listing on Google Workspace Marketplace and install it. 

Alternatively, you may open the Google Workspace Marketplace from your Gmail or Drive via the + icon on the toolbar. 

How to download Signeasy for Google Workspace

After installing the add-on, connect it to your Signeasy account. If you don’t have one, it will take only a few moments to create a new account. 

You’re all set to start using Signeasy’s eSignature application for Google in Docs, Drive, and Gmail. It is easily accessible through the App Launcher.

Sign or collect signature directly from Google Docs 

You will be able to self-sign documents or send out a signature request on agreements, contracts, offer letters, and more created in Google Docs within minutes.

How to sign a document in Google Docs:

  1. Create your document.
  2. Select the Signeasy add-on in the sidebar on the right, and grant Signeasy access to the document.
  3. Select SIGN on the right-hand navigation panel.
  4. Add your signature to the Google Doc in a single click.

How to send a document for signature in Google Docs:

  1. Select the Signeasy Add-on on the right-hand sidebar, and select the ’Send for Signature’ option.
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  1. The document will automatically upload into a signable PDF; all you need to do is add signer information like names, email addresses, and a personalized note requesting their signature on the document.
  2. Add fields to guide signers to show them where their signature is needed.
  3. Finish up by hitting ‘send’.
  4. The document is automatically saved to your Signeasy account.
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Get lightning-fast approvals within Google Sheets

Do you ever get tired of creating invoices within a spreadsheet, converting them into a PDF, emailing them to your manager for approval, or waiting for them to print, sign, scan and send it back to you?

Signeasy’s Google Sheets integration lets you get instant approvals and signatures for your invoices by raising a request within the spreadsheet.

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Sign attachments directly from your inbox

Have you always wished for a simpler way to sign and send the attachments you receive in your Gmail Inbox every day? 

Gone are the days when you would have to download, print, sign and scan documents and send them back. 

With Signeasy for Google Sheets, you can fill out, sign, & send documents in 3 simple steps without leaving your Gmail Inbox.

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  1. Get started using the ‘Sign with Signeasy’ option right over the attachment thumbnail in the Gmail window.
  2. Sign and fill out the document upon Signeasy launch in your browser.
  3. Once finalized, the signed document is auto-attached to the same email thread in your Gmail window.

You can also save a lot of trouble by automatically requesting signatures in a few seconds within Gmail:

  1. After logging in, the attachments (if any) in the currently open email will automatically be fetched by the Add-on. 
  2. Click on ‘Request Signature’, launching Signeasy in a new tab. Fill up the necessary information and send the signature request.
  3. Once sent, you will be redirected to Gmail automatically.

Sign, store, and access documents within Google Drive

Guilty of misplacing important documents? Especially agreements and contracts that took a ton of work to get signed and completed.

Once you’ve collected your signatures and the document is completed with Signeasy, you can store and organize all of them in one place, just the way you want them. 

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You can access your completed agreements and documents whenever you want them, from any device and anywhere.

Embrace remote working

Google Workspace is used by more than 3 billion users worldwide and nearly 6 million businesses. It is one of the most trusted productivity suite of apps as it provides a truly efficient and remote collaborative experience.

Agreements propel businesses, contracts build relationships, and the Signeasy eSignatures add-on for Google Workspace allows for just that. Experience easy within the platform and tools you already use, be it Docs, Drive, Gmail, or Sheets. Sign documents from any device and anywhere within Google’s suite of productivity applications.

Enable business handshakes and close agreements faster and more efficiently with Signeasy while you continue to use the applications you are familiar with. Sign and send documents for signatures with a few taps using the Signeasy integration for Google Workspace and close deals in seconds.

Experience intuitive signing workflows

When choosing tools, businesses and people prefer intuitive solutions that are simple to learn and use. Nearly 10 million users across 180 countries have chosen the Signeasy experience to digitize paperwork, automate workflows, and improve efficiency.

Signeasy offers a truly native integration that doesn’t require users to switch between applications. Create documents and spreadsheets and sign them, email attachments with Gmail to request signatures, and save and import agreements from your Drive  — all with Signeasy’s eSignature add-on for Google Workspace.

Eliminate privacy and security concerns

Signeasy has been named a ‘Google Workspace Recommended App’ after undergoing multiple security reviews by Google and third party vendors.

This is a testament to the rigorous security and compliance standards we have in place at Signeasy to ensure businesses can stop worrying about privacy and data security and focus on more things of value. Signeasy is SOC 2 certified with features like 2FA, time-based session expiry and audit trails.

Easy, compact, and native

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The Signeasy dashboard is easy to understand and intuitive for you and your teams to install and use immediately.

When you launch the Google Workspace Add-on within Gmail or Drive, you will see a summary of your account, the documents, and the subscription plan you are currently on. This helps you get a quick snapshot of how many documents have been signed, how many are pending, and how many documents are backed up in your Drive. 

Try Signeasy for Google Workspace today. 

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