A quick guide to choosing the right eSignature API

An eSignature API combines a personalized electronic signature service within your application and software. It can assist you in collecting and capturing legally binding eSignatures in minutes. It can also enable you to create seamless, custom-branded eSignature workflows.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Developers can use API software to create seamless integrations between two applications in order to simplify workflows for the end user. They can provide additional capabilities and flexibility to their existing software without hassle.

Therefore, choosing a transparent, dependable, and reasonably-priced API that can scale with your business is essential.  

Signeasy is perfect for businesses looking to incorporate eSignature capabilities into their core workflows. You can easily build custom eSignature workflows for your website or application through its easy-to-integrate API platform. It allows users to  sign and send documents for eSignatures.  

Does your organization need an eSignature API

An organization needs an eSignature API when they have repetitive tasks that require eSignatures. eSignature API offer the perfect digital solution and allow for automation of processes that are becoming increasingly important in business transactions.

eSignatures are established and authentic alternatives for physical signatures. They are also legally equivalent to ink based signatures in courts of law. Read on to know why an increasing number of businesses are shifting to eSignature based solutions.

Benefits for businesses adopting eSignatures

  • They eliminate paperwork

Paperwork is expensive and time-consuming. Running around for signatures daily requires a lot of energy and printing documents consumes resources. On the other hand, eSignature software and API help to save your documents digitally. They can be easily stored and shared with the relevant stakeholders. This allows room for zero document damage. Electronically signed documents can stay intact throughout the years.

  • They allow for quick decision making

Sometimes delayed paperwork and documentation can hamper important business deals. Signing and approving documents within the agreed time frame can lead to profitable business outcomes. That’s why using eSignature APIs are beneficial as they simplify and speed up the process, allowing for quicker decision-making.   

  • They come with ready-to use templates 

You can create and modify templates with eSignature API integrated within your apps or software. Templates can quickly help you set up documentation, prefill the necessary data, and save lots of time.

  • They are easy to implement

eSignature APIs are easy to implement and, in turn, make it easier to set up eSigning capabilities for your organization. 

Things to consider before choosing an eSignature API

As a developer on the lookout for an eSignature API solution for your organization, you must take the following important factors into consideration before making a decision: 

  • Is the eSignature API easy to set up? 

An eSignature API must be a simple REST API and compatible with mobile and web platforms.

An eSignature API must have a feature where users can fill in and sign documents within your app or website.

  • Does it offer embedded document sending features?

Embedded sending allows users to edit documents and send them to clients for signing within the app or website. 

  • Are webhooks included in the package?

Webhooks provide instant notifications and help in tracking any changes made in the document. 

  • Is the eSignature API software furnished with tamper-proof evidence technology?

Finding an eSignature API service provider that deploys security measures to prevent document tampering is necessary.

  • Is the eSignature API provider compliant with eSignature laws and do they adhere to data security protocols as per industry standards?

Keeping security aspects in mind, it is necessary to match industry standards and comply with legislation. You must ensure that the eSignature API solution partner complies with the two major ESIGN and UETA regulations.

  • Does the API solution allow for custom branding?

Branding provides a unique identity and helps create a different image from your competitors. Thus, your eSignature API must facilitate hassle-free branding so that your product gets the needed exposure.

How can Signeasy API help an organization

Signeasy’s API has helped businesses across the globe nail their digital transformation. You can sign documents and send them for eSignatures using the Signeasy app from your phone, tablet, or computer. Signeasy APIs are purpose-built for modern development teams that are looking to quickly integrate eSignatures into their workflows. 70% of Signeasy customers including Rappi, Truepill, AngelList, Qapita, ZenEquity, Freshworks and more, have gone live with Signeasy API in under 72 hours.

Here are a few ways Signeasy API can help:

  • Create personalized experiences for your customers

Delight your end-users with simplified onboarding, contract management, and other paperwork. With Signeasy, they can fill, sign, send and save documents, track document status, and sign multiple documents in one go. 

  • Manage your Signeasy API effortlessly

Make it easy for developers to manage eSignature API with Signeasy’s Sandbox environments and a developer portal to view billing and usage details. Signeasy also offer Webhooks to notify you of all document activity instantly.

  • Simplify workflows for your organization

Customize your Signeasy API to create brand recall among customers and easily embed eSignatures capabilities into your app. Teams can save time by pre-filling document templates with custom data before sending them for signature. 

  • Secure document management

Signeasy API employs  several security measures to keep your documents tamper proof. All data is encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption and SSL 256-bit encryption at rest and transfer.

Signeasy offers flexible and secure API to build custom workflows with eSignature capabilities

Signeasy API is feature rich and offers multiple benefits to businesses with complex and repetitive workflows. Developers can easily integrate eSignature experiences within their business applications and website. 

Below are some Signeasy API features that developers will love: 

  • Embedded signing and sending

Enable your users to sign and send documents  within your application. Developers can embed Signeasy within iframe, pop-up windows, new tabs, and an application’s webviews.

  • Webhooks 

Stay updated with real-time alerts using Signeasy’s Webhooks. Provide visibility to the users on different stages, such as when the signer views, signs, or declines the signature request.

  • Custom Branding 

Customize your eSignature workflows with the click of a button. Choose for the documents to be signed sequentially or enable parallel signing by multiple recipients.

  • Reusable Templates

Save time and manual effort spent on document preparation. Upload and set up your frequently used documents like NDAs, contracts, agreements, etc. as templates within Signeasy.

Why Businesses Choose Signeasy API

  • Hassle-free implementation

Signeasy offers simple REST APIs for your developers to quickly implement on web and mobile. 

  • Reliable customer support

Signeasy also has a responsive and empathetic support team that won’t let you down. 

  • Instant go live

Signeasy API is easy to set up and integrate right out of the box. Developers can build eSignature workflows at scale with speed and go instantly live with the API. 70% of Signeasy customers have gone LIVE in less than 72 hours.

  • 99.9% Uptime

Signeasy API offers high availability and reliability with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

ZenEquity empowers high-growth startups to issue ESOPs easily with Signeasy eSignature API

ZenEquity is a virtual wallet that simplifies ESOPs, and they knew a great eSignature partner was critical for giving their customers the best end-user experience. Signeasy offered a native eSignature workflow and embedded signing capabilities that fit perfectly within ZenEquity’s digital interface. Signeasy API eliminated the need for custom coding and offered powerful features to streamline stock option grants and approvals for their growing base of large startup customers. The API solution for ZenEquity was fully set up within weeks with zero custom development alongside flawless UX with one-click signing in action. ZenEquity also benefited from  Signeasy’s high-quality support and hands-on training for their eSign API.

Rappi closes more than 1000 deals per day after integrating Signeasy API 

Rappi is the largest on-demand instant delivery and super-app company in Latin America. It onboards thousands of restaurants and merchant partners every month, and with that comes tedious contract management processes. Signeasy’s eSignature API has helped the South American business to eliminate paperwork backlogs, accelerate onboarding, and scale their internal and external workflows seamlessly. Contract turnaround time reduced from weeks to minutes. Rappi now no longer faces huge paperwork backlogs, nor does it lose out on critical business opportunities.

Signeasy API is easy to build, test, and go live with

Signeasy offers easy-to-integrate eSignature APIs with well-defined documentation for developers to quickly build, test, and go-live. The Signeasy API integrates seamlessly with your current design and branding. You can sign-up for free for a trial account to get acquainted with all its features.

Signeasy’s eSignature API is secure and available at flexible pricing models. Moreover, it is purpose-built for businesses looking to embed eSignatures into their workflows. Signeasy is easy to implement, manage and it takes less than 72 hours for teams to go live.

Connect with our sales team and figure out the best solution for scaling your business with Signeasy’s eSignature API today!

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