Ten reasons why your company should stop using fax

Stop using that fax machine! You want your business to be the most efficient it can be, right? So why then, in 2018, are companies still using the much-dated fax machine?

Whether it is online faxing or punching buttons into a groaning machine, we have five reasons why your company should stop using fax today, and switch to a cloud-based Electronic Signature system instead.

Many of the world’s top companies – including Apple – have already clicked onto SignEasy – will you?

1. It’s 2018 – it’s time to adapt to the times

The fax system was originally adopted as a way of getting signed bits of paper over to different offices at a time when we still used dial-up technology.

(Does anyone else remember that screeching, beeping sound as our landline phones connected to our computer?)

We need to stop using fax and look to the now

You might be surprised that the humble fax machine was actually invented in 1846 when the Scottish inventor Alexandar Bain found a way to reproduce graphic signs using chemical mechanical fax type devices. This was developed by many others that took fax into the 21st century, aided by the Xerox Corporation finding out how to make facsimiles transmit via the telephone.

Yet not that much has changed since then.

Online fax systems came about as an online progression from the fax machine, without considering the hassle that is still involved. These systems simply tried to link up two existing systems – fax and email – and make them work.

Electronic Signature systems, also known as eSignatures, like SignEasy, on the other hand, have been considered and designed for this era.

As more and more countries recognize Electronic Signatures as legally binding, fax is definitely on the way out and is being replaced by Electronic Signatures.

Online fax systems are a sweet novelty but not practical in everyday terms.

In order for you to send an online fax to your client they need to have a traditional fax machine or online fax system. What if they don’t? What do you do then?

Any system in 2018 that requires you to email another email ID that then sends it to a fax system that your client needs to have in order for it to be sent is madness.

Also, if you send a fax, you may still get a busy signal! Sure, the online fax systems can auto-send them for you, but why risk the delay?

2. Online fax systems rely on email attachments

Email attachments rely on you putting in lots of processes in place to ensure one single document gets signed by the relevant parties.

You need to open your fax as an email attachment, before storing and archiving it.

Let’s break down the processes you need to upload and send an email attachment to an online fax system:

  • You find the file on your system
  • You sign it (usually in a word format)
  • You upload it to your email, write a message and click send to
  • The email recipient needs to download it, sign it and then save it as a new format (usually as PDF)
  • The email recipient then needs to send it back to you
  • You then store it on your online fax cloud.

If there is more than one signee, this process needs to be multiplied. Doesn’t that seem a bit disjointed to you?

Online fax systems are slow.

Why do you have to have the hassle of attaching files and wait for large files to upload to the email?

3. Fax makes multiple signing complicated

With an online fax system, you are unable to request documents to be signed by multiple signees at the same time.

You can only send the same document to multiple recipients. That’s not much use now, is it?

stop using fax

While we’re at it, why can’t the online fax system remind other signees that their signature is pending? SignEasy does.

With SignEasy, you won’t be waiting too long for all the dotted lines to be completed.

Just sayin’!

4. Online fax systems are security risks

Some businesses argue that the reason they love fax is because you receive a confirmation of document receipt a bit like sending registered mail.

This argument makes sense, but again, you always receive confirmation with SignEasy too. SignEasy sends you an email notification with a verified email address, IP address and timestamp too.

Plus, SignEasy offers a quick-glance to track the progress of all your documents in your own personal web or mobile dashboard.

With constant following up, your recipients cannot never use the excuse that they never received the documents!

Any documents you send and store with SignEasy are encrypted using SSL encryption. There is no danger of critical data getting into the wrong hands.

Using eSignature software is more secure than sending email attachments.

5. Stop using fax and its limited file formats

Why can’t the online fax system accept all file formats and be signed in one place?

Online fax systems still promote Microsoft® Word®, yet an increased number of business now choose to use cloud-based, shareable formats like Google Docs. Some documents that need to be signed aren’t even traditional Word® or PDF formats these days. Designs might need to be signed off on too – and everyone uses different file formats.

SignEasy accepts a multitude of formats and then converts it into a secure PDF as default:

  • PDF
  • MS-Office (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt)
  • Open-Office (.odt, .ods,. odp)
  • Text (.txt)
  • HTML
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • CSV
  • Images (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff)

6. Stop using fax and benefit from templates

Most online fax systems don’t allow you to use existing templates that you have that you can then amend accordingly and share with the relevant parties.

That isn’t very user-friendly, is it? Don’t you want to save time by accessing from one place a document that you can quickly amend and send, amend and send? We think you do, which is why SignEasy lets you do just that.

7. Fax often still relies on paper

In the US alone, it is estimated by Gartner that $22 billion to $32 billion is spent every year on simply filing, storing and accessing paper.

Online fax systems pretend they are a paperless solution and yet you find that they still promote printers. The most efficient companies are making every effort to go paperless, so why are we looking at printers?

8. Fax cannot highlight places for signing

It’s all good and well sending a fax, but you can’t exactly use sticky notes to highlight where signees need to sign, can you?

On the other hand, Electronic Signatures let you highlight the fields and sections that need to be annotated, whether they need to add dates, notes, initials or signatures.

What’s more, with SignEasy you have the power to move where all these annotations need to be in each document.

9. Fax needs you to be online or in the office

Online fax systems are only now starting to figure that the new business is constantly on the move and needs a solution that can be on the move with you.

While some online fax systems are now developing mobile apps, they aren’t particularly friendly if you need to simply self-sign a document in person.

stop using fax

Electronic Signatures don’t need you to be online, or even at your desk. You can have your office documents in your pocket with our mobile and tablet-friendly apps (iOS and Android).

Even if you are offline, with SignEasy you can still collect signatures!

10. Stop using fax to simplify your company’s user access

With online fax systems, you usually have to set up the system so that your employees all have their own individual fax number.

That’s just another number to add to the endless things for clients and colleagues alike need to know.

With eSignatures, nobody needs their own unique number to be reached.

With SignEasy , simply create an account and give different levels of access to your SignEasy dashboard so that all the right people in your company have the access that they need and no more.

stop using fax

The Fax Authority said that, “fax is still being used because other people are still using it”.

This is the worst reason ever. You only need to think about cassette tapes and cigarettes to realize why.

stop using fax

Like printing and scanning and printing documents before it, online fax is not as quick as eSignature technology.

If you are looking to increase your efficiency in the most cost-effective way while benefiting from cloud storage then SignEasy is your obvious solution.

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