Benefits of signature app: Speed, convenience, accessibility

Imagine being on a dream vacation with your family, soaking in the beauty of an exotic destination. Suddenly, your peaceful time is shattered by an urgent call requiring you to rush back to the office to sign a crucial contract. Annoying, right?

Well, a few years ago, Sunil Patro faced a similar situation. He was on vacation when he had to cut it short just to sign a paper. This got him thinking: Why should signing important documents be a hassle?

Inspired by his own inconvenience, he came up with the idea for a solution – a way for people to sign contracts right from their smartphones, no matter where they were. And that’s how the concept of one of the leading mobile signature apps, Signeasy, was born.

With electronic signature apps, professionals can sign contracts digitally—on the go. This innovation eliminates the need to be physically present to sign papers, giving people the freedom to handle important tasks without sacrificing their personal moments. 

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This blog discusses the benefits professionals can get from mobile signature apps.

Benefits of mobile contract signing 

Mobile eSignature apps are your best friends. It allows you to sign contracts quickly from anywhere – at the office, offsite, or right from home. eSign apps provide speed, convenience, and accessibility, guaranteeing urgent tasks get done promptly and conveniently.

1. Speed

Mobile electronic signature apps streamline processes by offering swift and secure digital signatures, real-time notifications for quicker responses, and automated reminders to minimize delays and overlooked contracts. These features eliminate time-consuming manual steps, like printing, scanning, mailing, or faxing. 

With digital signatures on mobile apps, businesses can quickly share contracts with clients anywhere in the world. This stops delays that come from conflicting schedules or having to ship papers internationally.

Signeasy’s mobile signature app made things faster for Halvor Lines, a transportation and logistics company in the US and Canada. They spent months, even years, getting truck drivers to sign papers for rules and violations. These drivers are always moving, so it was hard. Now, with the app, drivers can quickly ask for and sign forms on tablets. They don’t need paper anymore, so everything is quicker and easier.

“Signeasy has helped us with the timeliness of these documents and not having to route drivers to sign paperwork. Now they can sign & read in the truck!”

Kendra Payette, Safety Office Administrator, Halvor Lines

2. Convenience

Mobile signature apps provide remarkable flexibility and convenience, freeing you from the confines of the office. Contracts can be signed using smartphones, tablets, or laptops from anywhere. This is especially advantageous for remote collaborations, ensuring smooth document signing across distances without needing physical presence.

Thanks to this flexibility, professionals can now finalize crucial agreements on their own terms, choosing their preferred time and location. This marks a significant advancement in how business operations are carried out.

“When we prepare a document to be sent off to our signers, we use desktop. But when it comes to signing, that’s mostly completed on mobile. If I’m leaving a meeting and I see that I have a message from Signeasy, I can sign right away, then I’m off to my next meeting.”

Jona Christians, Chief Executive Officer at Sono Motors

3. Accessibility

Electronic signature apps are ideal for everyone, including individuals with physical disabilities.

One of the most important benefits of signature app is accessibility. Anyone can use and enjoy its benefits. For instance, signature apps offer features for visually impaired individuals, following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

These features include resizing, fonts, grayscale, negative contrast, high contrast, and light background options. That makes it convenient for visually impaired individuals to use and navigate the software.

Likewise, mobile eSign apps can be adapted to local languages. Allowing users to interact and sign documents in their preferred language. This is especially helpful for remote workers and companies dealing with international clients. Marketplaces like Android and iOS Play Stores encourage app developers to create solutions in multiple languages, ensuring that language isn’t a barrier for users seeking inclusive solutions.

Signature app: the future of quick and convenient contract signing 

In a world that loves fast and easy things, the mobile signature app is a big game-changer. It overcomes traditional barriers, enabling swift and efficient document execution on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Now, professionals no longer need to be confined to their desks or offices, and business collaborations know no geographical bounds.

As technology keeps changing, we should use tools that make our daily work better.  eSign apps are great for businesses. It speeds up deal closures, simplifies processes, and enables team to collaborate with each other from anywhere, on any device.

Are you ready to manage contracts better? Explore the Signeasy mobile apps for Android and iOS. Your signature is just a touch away from transforming the way you do business.

Download Android and iOS apps from Signeasy, the easiest way to sign, send, and manage contracts.

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